Aqui estan los objetos de la proxima semana(14/1/11-21/1/11):

Digging-treasure-detector Tempaw-of-doom-trap1
Digging Treasure Detector Tempaw of Doom Trap

Jungle Riding Elephant

Objeto colaborativoEditar

Tempaw of Doom Treasure
Colaborative-component-chest Colaborative-component-coin Colaborative-component-diamond
Treasure Chest Wood Gold Coin Pink Jewel

Mystery BoxesEditar

Mb-camp-pepper-and-salt-bottle Mb-mayan-tribal-necklace
Camping Pepper and Salt Shakers Mayan Tribal Necklace
Mb-mayan-treasure-map Mb-camp-fire-torch
Mayan Treasure Map Camping Fire Torch

Win or Lose BoxesEditar

Win-or-lose-box-black-gothic-captain-hat Win-or-lose-box-sweet-pink-captain-hat
Black Gothic Captain Hat Sweet Pink Captain Hat

Excavacion y regalo gratuitoEditar

Free-gift-archaeologist-hat-with-ribbon Digging-archaeologist-whip
Archaeologist Hat with Bow Archaeologist Whip


Limited-voodoo-bear-plushie Limited-jungle-white-riding-elephant
Voodoo Bear Plushie Rare Jungle Riding Elephant


Cursed Fish



Tempaw of Doom Wallpaper

Tempaw of Doom Floor
Jungle-jeep Mayan-magical-crown
Jungle Jeep Mayan Magical Crown
Mayan-talking-tree Mayan-throne
Mayan Talking Tree Grand Mayan Throne
Voodoo-doll-potion Voodoo-doll-potion-outcome
Voodoo Doll Potion Voodoo Doll Potion (Efecto)


Tempaw of Doom Painting


Camp-folding-bed Camp-folding-chair Camp-folding-kitchen
Camping Folding Bed Camping Folding Chair Camping Folding Kitchen
Camp-folding-stool Camp-folding-table Camp-grilling-stove
Camping Folding Stool Camping Folding Table Camping Folding Grilling Stove
Camp-jars Camp-pan Camp-stove
Camping Storage Jars Camping Pan Camping Stove
Mining-cart Camp-backpack Camp-lunch-box
Mining Cart Camping Backpack Camping Lunch Box
Camp-radio Camp-torch Indiana-bones-plushie
Camping Radio Receiver Camping Lantern Indiana Bones Plushie
Camp-tent Jungle-mushroom-seed Jungle-mushrooms
Camping Luxury Tent Jungle Mushroom Seed Jungle Mushroom
Jungle-stone-column Jungle-waterfall-decor Mayan-hanging-statue
Jungle Stone Column Jungle Waterfall Decor Mayan Hanging Swinging Statue
Mayan-temple-wallpaper Mayan-temple-floor
Mayan Temple Wallpaper Mayan Temple Floor
Mining-shaft-door Mining-shaft-shelf
Mining Shaft Door Mining Shaft Shelf
Mining-shaft-wallpaper Mining-shaft-floor
Mining Shaft Wallpaper Mining Shaft Floor
Baked-beans-can Cafe-burger Cafe-club-sandwich
Camping Canned Beans Camping Breakfast Sandwich Camping Club Sandwich
Cafe-croissant-tomato Cafe-mashmallow-chocolate-cake Sunny-eggs-toast
Camping Croissant Sandwich Marshmallow Chocolate Cake Eggs on Toast


Archaeologist-dress Archaeologist-bracelet Archaeologist-boots
Lady Archaeologist Dress Lady Archaeologist Bracelet Lady Archaeologist Boots


Archaeologist Top Archaeologist Hat
Archaeologist-pants Archaeologist-shoes
Archaeologist Pants Archaeologist Shoes
Archaeologist-torch Archaeologist-wig
Archaeologist Handheld Torch Archaeologist Wig